The competition is entirely organized and run by undergraduate and graduate student affiliated with Princeton University. It was launched by Pavel Shibayev ’15 in 2014 and coordinated jointly with Luca Iliesiu ’15.

Organizing Committee

Directors Zach Schoenfeld Directors Emer. Pavel Shibayev,
Andrew Sharo,
Ioanna Kourkoulou
Problem Czar Thomas Hartke Web Master Ming-Yee Tsang Finance Chair Yinan Zheng Outreach Chair Rohit Dilip Judging Chair Nathan Agmon Problem Writers Gabriel Gaitan,
Robert-Iulian Raveanu,
George Kevrekidis

Permanent Board

Pavel Shibayev, Ming-Yee Tsang, Luca Iliesiu, Roberta Raileanu; PUPC 2015 Organizing Committee members